Why read this book? Because knowing and understanding the past helps us to chart a better future.

Perhaps you are questioning the history of Mormonism and have found that:

  • The Book of Mormon is not an ancient history of the Native Americans but instead a fiction quoting 19th century texts, the King James Bible, and even Shakespeare.
  • Joseph Smith married more than 42 women, including teenagers and other men’s wives.
  • There are multiple versions of the so-called First Vision, all differing from each other in important ways.
  • Joseph Smith claimed he translated his Book of Abraham and it was written by the Biblical Abraham. However, modern Egyptologists have revealed it to be a pagan funerary document depicting the worship of Osiris that has nothing to do with the Bible or Abraham.
  • There are other contradictions between how the church portrays its history versus the historical record.

Or perhaps:

  • You are disturbed by the LDS former policies towards blacks and their current treatment of gays.
  • You have not succeeded at filling all the requirements for the Mormon heaven– success at work, success in your family, and success at your endless church callings—and you just wonder if God really requires all that.
  • You have followed the LDS church leaders for years and done all that they have directed you to do, but have never felt “the burning of the bosom,” or the peace that they promise.
  • You wonder about Mormonism’s relationship to Christianity—what exactly is it?
  • People who have discovered these things may want to know what really happened in the early church.

    If the Book of Mormon is not a real history, then what is the real origin of it, and why did the Smith brothers promote it as such? How did they get others to believe it? Their involvement in counterfeiting explains a lot.

    Or perhaps you have never been a Mormon, but are curious about the origins of Mormonism and other secret societies in early America.

    • You are interested in Jacksonian America and the settling of the west.
    • You want to know how radical sects like the Mormons were connected in counterfeiting and horse-thieving.
    • You want to know more about criminals in early America who posed as preachers or other respected figures in order to gain the confidence of their victims.