Description of Book

This is a groundbreaking work–the only book that investigates counterfeiting in the Joseph Smith family and early Mormon church.

This book chronicles and examines the evidence that the early Mormon leaders, including founder Joseph Smith and brother Hyrum, engaged in counterfeiting money, before, during, and after the publication of the Book of Mormon. The story of counterfeiting within secret, oath-bound networks begins with Smith’s parents in Vermont, and continues all the way to the Utah exodus. The historical context reveals that there were other lesser known figures of the 19th century who counterfeited money while posing as Christian preachers. This book includes over 100 black and white illustrations and photos, and over 1400 footnotes. The reader can examine the evidence and make an informed decision about the history and origins of Mormonism. This book fills in many of the blanks left out by every other history of this major religion.

Book excerpt from Introduction to Secret Combinations Evidence of Early Mormon Counterfeiting 1800-1847

Joseph Smith Jr. felt his heart begin to pound and cold, clammy sweat made the gun in his hand slippery. His usual fearlessness vanished as his life flashed before him and he began to shiver, though it was a warm summer day in Illinois. The thundering sound of horse hoofs in the distance grew steadily louder. Who was coming? Was it his own trained and loyal soldiers, the Nauvoo Legion, about to rescue him from this paltry jail? Or was it his hated enemies? If it were his enemies what would they do? Shoot him and Hyrum in cold blood while cornered and defenseless? How did it ever come to this horrid pass? He had escaped disaster so many times before. How would he escape from this one?

It was June 27, 1844—a fateful day in the lives of thousands of Americans. The events that took place at Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois, stimulate debate even now, more than one hundred and seventy years later…

So who was Joseph Smith? Was he the direct mouthpiece of the Almighty God of the Bible as he claimed, who endured unspeakable persecutions because he had brought forward the restored gospel of Christ in its pure form, after it had become corrupted? Had he, as he claimed, been given a divine commission to bring forth golden plates containing the ancient record of the Native Americans, who were descendants of the Hebrews of Jerusalem, thereby showing that the Old World was connected to the New World in a continuous thread of redemptive history? Was it God himself speaking when Smith proclaimed, “Thus saith the Lord,” and then revealed such fascinating mysteries as the three levels of heaven in the afterlife, or even more compelling to his believers, the part each of them would play in the “Kingdom of God” on earth that he was building? If he were not these things, then how had so many come to believe that he was?

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